Alice Hertzog

(ETH Zürich)

Alice Hertzog grew up in England and France. She completed her undergraduate degree in Social
Anthropology at Cambridge University – writing her dissertation on citizen-built homeless shelters
in Paris. She then went on to do her masters on urban and territorial strategies at L’Ecole Urbaine
at Sciences Po. During this period she was also the recipient of a three-year fellowship at the Ecole
Normale Supérieure d’Ulm where she worked on migrant trade in North Paris.

As an academic Alice has collaborated with a wide range of actors, from cities to foundations,
artists, museums, NGOs and think-tanks. She worked with the City of Paris on
migrant entrepreneurship, with the Fondation de France on migrant art scenes and with the
Nantes metropolitan region on citizen participation. In 2013 she moved to Zurich to join Urban-
Think Tank, where she managed a collaboration on Emerging and Sustainable Cities with the Inter-
American Development Bank and Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs.

Alice Hertzog is currently a doctoral student affiliated with the Chair of Sociology and the
Transdisciplinarity Lab at ETH Zürich. Her research looks at urban diversity and mobility along the
Lagos – Abidjan corridor in West Africa. She is interested in how people on the move shape the
places they travel through and come from, with a focus on trans-local urban development. She
spent 2017 – 2018 in South Benin, conducting ethnographic research, travelling up and down the
corridor and working with vendors, development workers, participatory mappers and the national
statistics office. She is currently writing-up her findings and plans to submit her dissertation mid-
2019. She is supervised by urban scholars Dr Christian Schmid and Dr. Armelle Choplin and transdisciplinary
researcher Dr. Pius Krütli.

Alice Hertzog has formed a successful research partnership with the Global Programme on
Migration and Development at the Swiss Development Cooperation. This dialogue between
research and practice has produced interesting insights into urban migration and poverty
reduction. When in the field Alice works out of the Swiss Development Cooperation offices, and
back in Switzerland can often be found in their headquarters in Bern.